When is open play?

Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 10am-6pm

Are adults always free?


What form of payment do you accept?

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover. No checks

Are adults and children required to wear socks?

Children must wear socks or tights at all times. Adults will only need shoes unless they must supervise inside the play equipment then they need socks as well.

Do you allow outside food?

Outside Food Allowed, But Must Be Approved.

Are Kids Inc. parties interactive and personalized?

Yes. We will interact based on the party’s theme, age level, and respect childrens’ likes and dislikes. We will play games like freeze dance, limbo, Simon Says, etc. all based on children’s age and interest.

Can all party guests play the playscape and participate in activities offered by Kids Inc?

The playground is designed for children 12 years and younger, but everyone can join on the interactive game board room.

Where are you located?

9630 Huebner Rd, Ste. 103, San Antonio, TX 78240

Directly in front of Grace Point Baptist Church

How safe is the play area?

  1. Children are carefully supervised. The play area is monitored by adults with a knowledge of injury prevention and first aid. Their responsibilities include scanning equipment and surfaces before children enter to check for broken objects or other hazards. Adults should set reasonable, appropriate rules for what children should do, such as sit down on the slide or wear socks only inside play area.
  2. The space arrangement adds to children’s safety. Equipment is designed for a range of ages and abilities, and it is installed with safety in mind. For instance, equipment that moves requires lots of surrounding space. In this carefully constructed environment, children are able to roam between activities without getting into playground traffic jams.
  3. Equipment is sturdy and engineered for safety. The placement, size, height and complexity of equipment is tailored to the children who use it.
  4. Landing surfaces are resilient. Playground equipment should never be placed on concrete or asphalt. We chose material that is impact-absorbing to cover all areas where children may jump or fall. Installing resilient surfaces under these danger zones can prevent playground injuries, a third of which occur as a result of falls.
  5. Routine maintenance is scheduled and budgeted. Parts of equipment that move are checked and repaired regularly. Surfaces underneath play equipment are cleaned and sanitized every night.
  6. Appropriate choices are offered. Children’s bodies are at work when they play, and they are ripe to practice and learn new skills. Equipment that moves allows children to create their own action and encourages role playing. Playgrounds that are carefully designed, supervised, and maintained will help promote physical development, encourage friendships, and set the stage for learning.

How do I schedule a birthday party?

We are available in person at the front desk or over the phone between operating hours or you can go to the “bookings” tab on the website. A Kids Inc. party planner will follow up with your online inquiry within 24-48 hours.

When I schedule a party online, does the system tell me the open party times?


Are we allowed to stay after the official party is over?

If there is a booked party after yours, your party has 15 minutes to get all belongings from the party room and leave building or will be charged for an additional half hour.

What is the deposit for scheduling a party?

$150 non-refundable

When do I order the food for the adults and kids coming to my party?

When you schedule the party, you will decide the food options as well as have an idea of the number of guests that will be fed.

Can I bring in my own balloons? Goody bags? Table decorations?

Yes. We have different party packages that allow you to choose these options.

Are there any items I can’t bring?

No confetti or glitter. No outside entertainers without making arrangements with Kids Inc ahead of time.

Are there any other fees associated with the birthday parties?

Yes, tax is included. Also, a 15% service charge will be added

Can I throw a walk-in birthday party and bring everything on my own?

if we have a slot available that day and there are no other parties booked then yes, but it won’t be a private party. Outside guests will still be aloud to pay for open play.